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Who is Trae?

For starters, my name is Itraeu (Trae for short). If you've seen the neverending story, then my name may sound familiar to you. I started photography my sophmore year of highschool and have been perfecting my craft since then. Alot of people have told me i have a "different" creative style with my work, which can be read two ways. Having a different style i feel separates myself from many other creatives within my area; sure different can mean bad but we all have a "different" style when it comes to our individual creative process.

When speaking of experience, I have done a number of weddings, corporate headshots, senior portraits as well as images used for modeling portfolios. I am always seeking models for creative ideas and collaborations so feel free to shoot me an email! 

Thanks from IC Photos

Lets get to work!

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